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Dear Past Me,

Yeah- I’m uh- not to good with the pep talks. Clearly. I mean- you know that, you are me after all. But fuck- depending on what date it is for you, you’re either in a shitty situation, or a really, really shitty situation. 

Just, uh… sorry? I guess… about any future fuck ups and/or scars. And before you ask, no, that does not mean we don’t go through a pre-pubescent girl angst and start slitting our wrist in the bathroom stall, weeping on the floor over Johnny not liking us back. Just… yeah. We’re stupid. You’ll get through it though. With time. 

You’re future’s pretty cool though. At least, I like to think so. I’m happier now than I’ve been… fuck in my whole life? Shit that’s a little depressing to think about… Anywho- let’s just say you’re part of this… team of sorts. They’re annoying but endearing and we kinda secretly love them. And your with someone. He’s perfect and caring and adorably oblivious at times and quite frankly he’s far too good for us. He’s stayed around longer than anyone has ever stayed. And we’re far too in love with him for what’s good for us.

It kinda scares me to death. 

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